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When you've been charged with any type of felony or misdemeanor, know what to expect before entering the courtroom. Many defendants are surprised to learn when subjected to Virginia's state criminal justice system how “tough” Virginia's criminal procedures and sentencing are. Virginia has some of the highest jail and incarceration rates in the nation, despite long-tested studies showing that recidivism (likelihood of a released inmate committing a crime again) rates have not improved as a result of being locked up.

In Virginia, a criminal defendant is entitled to minimal pre-trial discovery, and although many Commonwealth Attorney's offices have an “open discovery” policy that permits defendants to see what the prosecutor has in the case file, there is almost an inevitable last hour “discovery” of important information in most cases when the Commonwealth finally devotes its resources to the case just before trial. The risk of trial “by surprise” pressures defendants to take guilty pleas instead of risking fate to a jury or judge. Count on me, your criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Timothy R. Johnson, PLC to represent you.

I have the experience you want to defend you during your felony or misdemeanor case. I'll prepare you for the case and do my best to minimize your charges or the consequences of the charges for:

  • Drug Possession 
  • Hit and Run
  • DUI 
  • Aggravated Assault
  • And more..

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Start building your defense with a seasoned criminal defense attorney

An effective criminal defense in Virginia requires an attorney skilled in trial and appellate practices in order to recognize potential defenses to each charge. Litigation strategies change from case to case since every defendant has slightly different interests prioritized, different facts surrounding the criminal charges, and different circumstances affecting the litigation itself such as prosecutors, judges, and jurisdiction demographics.

 Although federal crimes are rarer to prosecute than a state prosecuting for a similar or identical offense, such cases can happen especially if the nature of the offense involves connected events in more than one state. Federal criminal matters are more uniform in practice since the federal rules of criminal procedure and federal criminal statutes apply equally across the United States. The skillsets needed to practice Virginia criminal law apply to a federal criminal case, but often require stricter adherence to procedural rules and knowledge of federal law and practice.

 Whether you've been charged with a misdemeanor DUI or felony assault, you can count on me, your legal advocate at The Law Offices of Timothy R. Johnson, PLC for help. I know how stressful and confusing the legal process can be. I'll give you the guidance you need to navigate the legal process. Schedule an appointment with me, Timothy R. Johnson, PLC in Berryville, VA today.

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